How We Can Help You Smoosh Your Life Lemons into Something Bigger and Better

* Welcome all to a new Q&A column from THREE WRITER GAL-PALS , each one of us wearing badges from continuing lemon-squishing life journeys. Think of us as virtual extensions to your personal friend network. Grab a coffee (or something) and join us.  If we three can, in some small girl-friend-chatting exchange, help pave the way to Easier Street, then that is our gift to any of our letter writers and readers.   Read about our two cents worth given to others. Or... throw us your own questions (find request form in upper left drop down). We promise we have lots of cool stuff to say. After all, with a wee bit of imagination one can create all sorts of opportunities from those little-ass, sour, yellow fruit.  Lemonade is so yesterday. Karma does not care about geography.   Neither do we. Two of our trio hail from cities on the North American continent; one east coast and one on the west. Our third member grooves the beautiful land mass called Australia. Thank the cosmos for technology,

When the Arrogant and Brooding Farmer-Banker Boy Asked Three Friends for Advice

  * PART TWO: What we said to Billy-BIFF Welcome back, dearest readers. Time to settle in, join us with your favorite beverage and let’s all get down and dissect the Billy dilemma. Here is a quick link to Billy BIFF’s letter to From Lemon and where we left o ff  last time: ( Link: to Medium and Bill-BIFF's letter to From Lemon ) The Scene for our Conflab Suze : Alrighty then. Each of us on Zoom. Or hey. We could do audio-only. Voice tone and inflection can tell wonders about anyone. Hell, we could turn the whole thing into a podcast. (Just blue-skying here) Amy : Keep thinking that way, Suze. We’d all be down for a podcast, P?  Paroma : Yup. Absolutely. Suze : Tabled! Back to Billy. The deal is this. He joins us, alone, no dudes from work or anywhere else listening. Glass of wine or any preference of beverage in front of us. End of day. Relaxing. Billy is ready to hear our take on his problem with the letter to From Lemon written in April by Instagrammed Weddings are not Enough (IW

The Scary Price I Paid Because I got Married for Social Media Likes

  Hope my story helps you.   Introducing: IWNE ( Instagrammed Weddings might Not be Enough) * Dear Lemon Candy, About like, two years ago, I married a guy I met on a dating app four months earlier. So yes, as of the writing of this letter to you, we are pushing three years together. I had a decent Instagram following before the wedding, but I knew with the right strategy (and photo angles) I could blow my Insta numbers outa the water. Lucky for me my work as a lawyer was valued at my firm, so focusing pretty much all my energy on the wedding was not an issue. Everything was perfect thanks to my relentless attention to detail. My guy looked pretty hot so that was something. We made an iron clad bargain a few weeks after we met. No children. Ever. Career plans, travel, curating and posting about our lives separately and together, that's what we were all about. We were just starting our 30's. Unencumbered, living life to the fullest was and would be our preferred goal. We were in