How We Can Help You Smoosh Your Life Lemons into Something Bigger and Better

Welcome all to a new Q&A column from THREE WRITER GAL-PALS, each one of us wearing badges from continuing lemon-squishing life journeys. Think of us as virtual extensions to your personal friend network. Grab a coffee (or something) and join us. 
If we three can, in some small girl-friend-chatting exchange, help pave the way to Easier Street, then that is our gift to any of our letter writers and readers.

Read about our two cents worth given to others. Or... throw us your own questions (find request form in upper left drop down). We promise we have lots of cool stuff to say. After all, with a wee bit of imagination one can create all sorts of opportunities from those little-ass, sour, yellow fruit. 
Lemonade is so yesterday.

Karma does not care about geography. 

Neither do we. Two of our trio hail from cities on the North American continent; one east coast and one on the west. Our third member grooves the beautiful land mass called Australia. Thank the cosmos for technology, huh.

We hang in different corners of this big beautiful world, writing our hearts out on, and winning the biggest prize ever when we connected with one another.

We being Suze, Paroma and Amy.

As we shared all kinds of life experiences, we quickly spotted a common theme. No matter our current individual phase or status, we marvelled at our unique reactions to the life-LEMONS plopped into our laps.

Because that IS life, right? Sometimes you just get thrown a LEMON. 

As we compared notes, it was apparent that we are FIGHT, not FLIGHT kinda gals. We faced those challenges head-on (yeah, sometimes it took a while) and then we turned each LEMON into something bigger and better than LEMONADE.

Think lemon meringue pie. Limoncello. Lemony lobster pasta. A backyard filled with lemon trees. Pastel lemon workout gear. A little muted lemon cottage by-the-sea? (you get the idea)

So yeah, peoplely-poos. You see where this is headed? 

Those kinds of print articles sharing life's ups and downs? We three just love reading them. Discussing and dissecting aspects of our lives, deep into the night. Some days, Paroma says: "Girls, get out the surgical kit!"  It was an easy leap to collaborate and plan to write our own column. 

Amy added another gem. She said,"You know what I think? There are so many out there benefiting from friend's conversations and support on zillions of topics. I think, if we want to identify our audience, three key words will do: 

Shortly after that, we three hung out virtually partying one night, and then presto, we birthed a writing baby. FROM LEMON.

How about letting us help you turn your own lemons into, well, take your many options...lemon martini, anyone?


May WE Become your Latest Virtual Girlfriends?

On these pages, we will answer any and all life, heart, head and soul inquiries. NOT as any sort of professional. Simply view us as old-school penpals sharing life experiences. Stuff that happened to us that might somehow, someway, do a little good in the whole scheme of things in your world.


To reach us. There is a contact form in the drop-down menu on the left side of the homepage. Send comments or questions, and feel free to use pen names to protect your identity. Always you can email us at

$$$ YOU ASK: 
Nope. There is no charge, no money required to interact with us. This is just a little somethin'-somethin' we three want to do.

please see details in the drop down menu on the upper left of our homepage

INVITATION to SEND us a question, dilemma or comment for our column
please see details in the drop down menu on the upper left of our homepage

1. Our disclaimer (very important)  
2. A little bio on each of us (kinda interesting).



We three ARE: part time or full time writers, friends and colleagues. Currently or formerly, our careers are UNRELATED to any and all areas mentioned in this disclaimer.

We three are NOT: therapists, trained and/or licensed professionals, or members of any profession trained and/or certified to give any kind of advice including but not limited to: medical, psychological, psychiatric, naturopathic, physiological, education, life. We fully encourage you to seek qualified and certified professionals to formally guide you with solutions related to your situation.

Irrespective of any jobs and qualifications we three enjoy in our current and formal day jobs, our FOR LEMON columns will bring to the table only general information about our personal life and love experiences. We reflect on the LEMONS we each encountered in our journeys that encouraged us to transform those tart little squirts of reality into something bigger and better. Lemons to lemonade never seemed quite enough for us.

In our answers to your questions, we share what we have observed in our own lives so far. Of course, those experiences will give us thoughts to share about your situation. That IS what our column is all about!

Best comparison: you need to think of us as an extension of your friend groups. We offer No professional advice. We are simply friends. On the internet. Just sayin'.

We hope to lasso our creative energies and cause you to think more about your current situation. From there you would seek out help from any and all trained professionals. If that happens, well, we have added value to the equation.

If we three can, in some small girl-friend-chatting exchange, help pave the way to Easier Street, then that is our gift to any of our letter writers and readers.

XXOO Lemon Candy: Suze, Paroma and Amy


The Lemon Candy writer gang at FROM LEMON:


Suzanne V. Tanner/Suze

Suze regrets the overuse of the smiley face emoji. Otherwise she would use it on a set of primary colored, linen/cotton mix T-shirts to represent her optimism for and commitment to life-long learning, celebration, loving, forgiving, and moving on from any not-so-pretty detours.
Embracing Yin and Yang might be her shirt's tagline. Or maybe even Frog Kissing. She sure 'nuff kissed enough of those ribbit-ribbit creatures before MSZ, her overdose d'amour, showed up seven years ago. That one, he turned into the prince.

t age four Suze was selling clumsily hand painted trinkets at her own sidewalk pop-up. This explains why later, she ultimately ditched competing academic callings in favour of a Master in Business Administration. 

While her love of art did not translate via crayons and paint, Suze latched-on to story composition in grade school. That early seed of creativity enabled her to establish a unique niche in her adult business world. 

Today her passions careen among consulting with individuals wishing to start even the tiniest business (and bigger ones too!), writing up a storm, pretend-chef cooking, and tearing up the pavement with her city cruiser bicycle. 

To read Suze on Medium:

 Paroma Sen

In one word, Paroma is a dabbler. She sees herself as a breadth person, rather than a depth person.

 Which, while it also can indicate quick boredom (thaasophobia is a thing, people!), she uses to explain why she has three Masters degrees but no PhD. 

She is interested in a vast array of subjects, some days researching animal communication, weapons design, and astrology in a single day.

 At the heart of it though, she's keenly interested in what makes people tick, all the what-if scenarios for the coming decade, not to mention the why-oh-why's that cannot be answered but are too familiar to not be asked at all.

To read Paroma on Medium: 

Amy Marley

Amy is a seeker of understanding. Life’s bumps, bruises and highs gifting ample opportunities to discover and cultivate seeds of wisdom.

A passionate over-sharer with the potential for deep conversations running into the wee hours of night.

Lover of laughter, learning, family, friends, strangers and adventures that energise all six senses.

To read Amy on Medium: 

© Suzanne V. Tanner, Paroma Sen, Amy Marley 2021. All Rights Reserved.




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***     Artist: ArturSzczybylo

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  1. Jenine B Baines13 March 2021 at 14:49

    This looks like a lot of fun...and, better yet, like a great vehicle of connection, compassion, support, and love

  2. Thank you, Jenine. You are so right. The mix we are aiming for: connection, compassion, support, friendship, love...all tied up with a beautiful red ribbon of fun. We are so happy to hear from you.

  3. Hi friends, just wanted to drop some hugs.Go Girls!

  4. Hi back, Sumera. Those hugs feel amazing! Thank you for stopping by and sending your note. We are sending lemon-icious vibes and hugs right back atcha.🍋🍋🍋🍋

  5. I love this. I can see the fun and laughter coming. Lessons too.

  6. That is it exactly, Annelise. All three.
    Thanks for your response. The lemonesses are sending a truckload of hugs your way.

  7. So glad you all met and got together to form this!

  8. Thank you so much, K, for your supportive words. We are very excited to share the friend thoughts and vibes around life lemons turning into all sorts of citrusy creations.

  9. I love this website! What a great idea and such a good vibe. I'm glad I stumbled onto your Medium article about it, Suzanne.

  10. Kristi! I am really sorry to be so late with a reply. In fact among the lemonesses: summer vacas, moving to new digs and yup, a wedding( this last one is bridey me!) we three have been a little sidetracked. Not for too long tho!

    Thank you so much for leaving us a note. We are thrilled that you are enjoying From Lemon. More coming soon.🍋🍋🍋

    P.S. We have a new dilemma up on Medium under my profile @suzannevtanner “ Why this Broken-Hearted Woman Feels Abandoned and Needs Some Friend Advice”. We set up a little contest and invited all readers to respond to FSUC’s troubles via the Medium comments. We’d love for you to weigh in on one of her issues.


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